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About Us

CAM Companies' core values revolve around quality, integrity, and innovation. We believe that every project we undertake should reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence, from meticulous planning and thoughtful design to superior craftsmanship. We always ensure that each development stands as a testament to our pursuit of perfection.

Driven by a vision to shape the urban landscape, we actively seek out projects that contribute to the growth and vitality of Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. Whether it's revitalizing neighborhoods, developing commercial properties, or creating sustainable housing solutions, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Craig Markhardt


Craig has been an entrepreneur since a very young age and has been investing in property since 2001, all while working as a full time mortgage banker. He achieved success in many markets and successfully navigated the Great Recession of 2008-11 by managing to keep his million dollar company operating at a profit with no layoffs. Craig started CAM Companies, LLC in 2018 with a goal of putting all his real estate holdings and related businesses under one umbrella.

Craig Markhardt

Our Team

The CAM team is full of passionate, dedicated people who call Sioux Falls their home and who are committed to making positive change in the community through investment and development. 

Nate Welch

Nate Welch is the Vice President of Investor Relations for CAM Companies. He attended the University of Nebraska, where he studied Broadcasting and Sociology and later returned to the University of Sioux Falls to complete a bachelor's degree in Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. Nate has spent time working in the Governor's office, as a TV reporter, and as President of the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company. As Vice President of Investor Relations, he is responsible for building and maintaining cross-industry connections and working with investors.

Ricky Quintana

Ricky Quintana is the Asset Development Manager for CAM Companies and has worked with the company in the past as an Associate. He attended the University of Sioux Falls, where he received a BA in Business Administration and Finance and later returned for  an MBA with a focus in management. As Asset Development Manager, Ricky works closely across the operations, construction and investment team as well as all end-to-end development projects.

Tracy Pepin

Tracy Pepin is the Office Manager for CAM  Companies. She previously worked in the hospital administration field before joining CAM as the very first employee. As Office Manager, no day is ever the same for Tracy and she consistently ensures that operations within the company run smoothly and efficiently, hitting touchpoints with employees and investors daily.

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