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The Johnson Block Lofts

Located in Mitchell, SD, the Johnson Block Lofts are a complex containing eleven finished apartments as well as an overnight event and lodging space.

The apartments are newly redone with both studio and one bedroom options. 

The Johnson Block Lofts represent the growing and thriving community of Mitchell, located downtown just steps from the theatre and housing popular businesses like the Michelle's Mad Batter bakery and Bonnie's deKor. 

Johnson Block Lofts STR
Retail Spaces

Retail spaces at the Johnson Block Lofts are some of the most prominent in downtown Mitchell, including Michelle's Bad Batter bakery, and Bonnie's DeKor. Communal spaces in the retail area, including the central hallway and bathroom are newly renovated.

Michelle's Mad Batter
Loft Overnight Events and Lodging

The Loft Overnight Events and Lodging is a short-term event and lodging space that can host up to 21 guests, with 10 beds, a fully stocked kitchen, three-seasons room, and man cave complete with foosball. Perfect for hunting groups, bridal parties, scrapbooking events, and more!

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